Alzheimer’s Disease does not have a CURE.

Alzheimer’s Disease cannot be PREVENTED.

But we offer the HELP that so many NEED.

Alzheimer’s does not have to be depression, loneliness, and isolation. The Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation has a proven ANSWER.

Socialization is Necessary!

Individuals living with this horrible disease now have a safe place to spend the day.

Routine is Vital!

Families now have peace of mind during the day when their loved ones are in our care.

It’s called Adult Day Services!

…And we support so much more.

The Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation is a Florida public non-profit 501c(3) supporting direct services in our facilities, in your home and on the road. Caregivers are equally important to the foundation. We have weekly support groups and one of the best education departments in the state.

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